Bernard 250 amp S-Gun MIG Gun

Image of 250 amp MIG Gun

NEW! Ideal for shipbuilding and construction industries to reduce downtime and increase productivity!

  • NEW! Locked rotatable neck eliminates downtime at start of shift due to missing necks resulting in reduced operator costs
  • Locked rotatable neck is easily serviceable by maintenance
  • Steel monocoil power cable is composed of lightweight steel coils that provide exceptional conduit for shielding gas flow and wire feeding
  • Advanced molded handle design can withstand rough conditions and is ergonomically designed to offer better comfort and control even after extended use
  • Quik Tip™ consumables are designed with a threaded taper lock that increases tip life by providing excellent heat transfer and electrical conductivity
  • Built for exceptional performance and comfort in the most demanding environements – specifically shipbuilding and construction industries

 Learn more on the 250 amp S-Gun MIG gun product page.