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Although Tregaskiss robotic welding guns and consumables can be found in almost all industries that employ automated MIG welding, products and information specific to several key industries are provided below:



Automotive Industry - Tregaskiss Robotic MIG Welding Products

In an industry that relies on accuracy and repeatability – and where downtime isn’t an option – Tregaskiss offers robotic welding solutions to meet your challenges.

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Fabrication Industry - Tregaskiss Robotic MIG Welding Products

Durability is key in welding, especially on tough fabrication applications. Some fabricators have benefited from the ability to change out the necks on Tregaskiss Robotic MIG Guns quickly -- even TOUGH GUN I.C.E. necks -- on robots that weld a wide variety of parts.  Tregaskiss products allow you to gain the best welding performance – every time.   

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Is your fab shop considering making its first investment in robotic MIG welding? If yes, check out the articles below to learn more:

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Manufacturing Industry - Tregaskiss Robotic Welding Products

For low- to high-volume manufacturing and everything in between, Tregaskiss provides robotic welding solutions that ensure you’ll get consistent weld quality and top productivity.

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