Changes to Tregaskiss Bags and Roll Marks

November 26, 2009

Customers may notice that some Tregaskiss® parts and consumables are arriving in different bags. We transitioned from the white bag design branded with the TOUGH GUN® name to a black bag design with the Tregaskiss brand name.

In addition to changing the branding and color of the bags, the overall usability has also been improved. The new Tregaskiss black bags offer a clear window on the printed side of the bag to make visual product identification easier. To increase the hanging capacity of the bags, we’ve added a second hanging hole on our larger bags and a new double-sealed header on all bag sizes. We have also changed all the hanging holes from circular to sombrero shape for compatibility with a wider variety of hook sizes and shapes.

Image of new contact tip bag packaging
    New Tregaskiss Bags
Image of new Tregaskiss roll mark
New Tregaskiss Roll Mark

The roll marks pressed into our genuine parts and consumables have also migrated from a plain font “TOUGH GUN” to the script-style Tregaskiss logo. This will help customers more easily distinguish genuine Tregaskiss consumables from generic impostors.

The primary reason for these packaging and roll mark changes is to more accurately market our Tregaskiss consumable platform under the Tregaskiss trademark. Marketing these parts and consumables under the TOUGH GUN name could be misinterpreted to mean that these items can only be used on TOUGH GUN products. However, Tregaskiss parts and consumables have actually been designed to maximize compatibility with Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN robotic and automatic MIG guns, Bernard® T-Gun™ semi-automatic MIG guns (formerly Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN semi-automatic MIG guns), and Bernard TGX® series MIG guns (formerly Tregaskiss TGX series MIG guns).