August 21, 2008

The TOUGH GUN® sprayer, used as a stand-alone unit or on a TOUGH GUN reamer, has been improved in the following ways:

image of the new and old style cap
  1. The reservoir is now made of nylon rather than Polycarbonate. The nylon material has proven to be more durable over time when compared with Polycarbonate. (NOTE: The nylon material is slightly yellow in appearance when compared to the clear Polycarbonate.)
  2. The exposed valves on the top of the cap have been removed in order to simplify the cap. Venting is now done through the threads to prevent a vacuum seal. The removal of the valves reduces the amount of debris entering the sprayer reservoir.

Refer to product insert INS058 for more information about RR-1320 anti-spatter reservoirs for TOUGH GUN reamers.