How To Use the TOUGH GUN Neck Checking Fixture

NOTE: The following instructions are for G-405. Other fixtures are similar.


  • Remove consumables; nozzle, retaining head and neck insulator (with the exception of TOUGH GUN I.C.E.™ components).
  • Install the gauge point into the neck.



  • Slide the neck completely into the datum block, aligning keys on the neck to the keyway in the datum block.
  • Turn the neck completely clockwise against the shoulder.
  • To secure the neck, use a 5/16-inch Allen wrench to tighten the socket head cap screw (SHCS) on the front of the datum block.



  • Push the check pin toward the gauge point.
  • The check pin should insert into the mating hole on the gauge point.
  • Slip the bending handle onto the gauge point and bend until it is aligned with the check pin.
  • Remove the neck from the datum block and gauge point from the neck.
  • Reinstall the consumables.