How To Replace the TOUGH GUN CA3 MIG Gun Unicable

IMPORTANT: The following instructions pertain to installing the slim CA3 unicable on the large TOUGH GUN™ CA3 MIG Gun manufactured between October 31, 2014 and April 7, 2015

NOTE: Unicable replacement can be done while the gun is mounted to the robot. There is no need to uninstall the gun before proceeding.


  1. Remove nozzle, retaining head and liner (parts not shown).
  2. Loosen cable guide.

  1. Unlock power connection between the cable and gun mount using a 5 mm Allen wrench (see Figure 2).

  1. Slide the cable guide and spring back over the cable. Slide the cable guide adaptor and the cable connector cover over the unicable.

  1. Slide the new unicable assembly over the brass pin on the connector housing and turn a 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Lock the power connection between the cable and the connector housing using a 5 mm Allen wrench. The screw can be accessed through the hole in the connector housing.

  1. FOR CLUTCH MODELS ONLY: Connect the cable harness as shown in Figure 5.

  1. Fasten the cable connector cover to the connector housing by lining up the dowel pins and turning the cover clockwise.

  1. Fasten the cable guide adaptor to the cable connector cover by threading clockwise.

  1. Fasten the cable guide to the cable guide adaptor by threading clockwise.

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