How To Install the TOUGH GARD Multi-Feed System to the TOUGH GUN Reamer


  • It is best to start by establishing the pail/drum location. This way it will be easier to run the lines and permanently secure them.
  • Start by removing the reservoir from the spray unit.
  • NOTE: Shut the vent cap (if applicable) and turn the reservoir upside down when it comes off the spray unit to avoid spilling the contents.




  • Install the threaded quick-connect fitting to the spray unit. Ensure the fitting has Teflon tape (wrapped on in the opposite direction of the threads) and is tightened down.



  • From the pail/drum, run the lines to the spray unit being sure not to run the lines where they may get damaged or kinked.
  • Once the desired length of line is set, install the barbed quick-connect fitting to the line. Use a very small amount of lube to allow the fitting to insert into the line a bit easier.
  • Connect the female quick-connect to the spray unit.



  • At the pail/drum end, connect the lines to a Y-connector OR manifold in the same manner; with a small amount of lube on the barb and then push the line on the barb. Be sure to push the line all the way to the shoulder on the barbed fittings.




  • For manifold applications, remove the caps from the fittings for desired number of lines.
  • For manifold applications, the line from the pail should be installed to the end of the manifold (as shown to the right).




  • Once all steps have been completed, the lines need to be primed of any air bubbles.
  • This can be done either manually or automatically.
  • To prime manually, push up on the underside of the solenoid valve until a steady stream of TOUGH GARD™ Anti-Spatter Liquid is visible from the spray head.
  • To prime automatically, activate the sprayer from the robot controller until a steady stream of TOUGH GARD Anti-Spatter Liquid is visible from the spray head.
  • Be sure to check for any leaks while performing the priming of the lines.