How To Install QUICK LOAD Liners on 600 amp TOUGH GUN Robotic Water-Cooled MIG Guns Equipped with Wire Brake


  • Remove the consumables from the neck.
  • At the rear of the neck, insert the wire brake jump liner (495-19-xxx).
  • Push the jump liner forward until it mates with the back end of the neck. At the front, cut to a 1/2" (12 to 13 mm) stick-out.



  • Install the QUICK LOAD™ Liner Retainer (415-26) onto the rear of the liner.
  • Insert the QUICK LOAD Liner throught he rear of the power pin until it stops.
  • Measure from the end of the power pin to the liner retainer and record the measurement "X".
  • Remove the QUICK LOAD Liner from the gun.



  • At the front of the liner, use the recorded measurement "X" and cut the liner to size.
  • The liner should now be ready for installation.
  • Insert the liner through the rear of the power pin and thread the retainer into the power pin, or add the liner cap (depending on the type of power pin).

INS069 REV 08/10