How To Install or Replace a Neck on a TOUGH GUN G2 Series Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun

Neck Removal

  1. Remove consumables. (Refer to Fig.1)
  2. Twist the hand nut clockwise. (Refer to Fig. 2)
  3. Hold the hand nut in the unlocked position while pulling the neck from the gun.
  4. Release the hand nut. It will return to the locked position. (Refer to Fig. 3)

Neck Replacement

NOTE: Remove cosumables (retaining head, nozzle and contact tip) before installing the neck. Failure to do so will result in improper installation.

  1. Twist the hand nut clockwise to UNLOCK. IMPORTANT: To prevent damage to the neck, ensure that the hand nut is always in the UNLOCK position when inserting a neck.
  2. Insert the neck into the connector housing. IMPORTANT: The neck is fully inserted only when the neck bottoms out and the insertion depth guide (INSERT TO HERE) on the neck meets up with the connector housing.
  3. Release the hand nut allowing it to return to the LOCK position. IMPORTANT: Do not release the hand nut unless the neck has been fully inserted or damage to the neck may result.