How To Install or Replace a Fixed Neck on a T Series Small Straight Handle BTB Platform Gun

  1. Loosen and remove locking collar.
  2. Place neck in vise, twist handle lock nut counterclockwise and pull away from handle.
  3. Remove screw from handle. Separate handle halves exposing jam nut and front of unicable.
  4. Loosen jam nut using two 19 mm wrenches and unthread neck. Remove from vise and unthread neck by hand.
  5. Thread jam nut onto new neck. Thread neck into unicable to desired orientation. Place neck in vise, tighten unicable and jam nut.
  6. Reposition switch and handle. Reinstall handle lock nut, locking collar and screw.
  7. Liner may need to be changed if switching to a neck of a different bend, angle or length.


fixed neck small straight