How To Add the Lubricator to the TOUGH GUN TT3 Reamer

WARNING: Ensure the power and air supplies to the Reamer are disconnected or disabled prior to working with the Reamer.

Adding Lubricator to Reamer



Item # Description Part # QTY
1 5/16" x 1/18" NPT QC TR-2231 2
2 Bulkhead Adaptor LR-500-51 2
3 Spacer LR-500-50-5 1
4 M6x1x20mm LG SHCS - Black Oxide F1-M6X1-20B 2
5 Steel Line Kit - For Lubricator LR-500-50 1
6 Lubricator  TT-LUB-SMC 1


Adding Lubricator to Reamer

1. Remove lubricator kit from the box and inspect for any damage.


2. Remove the reservoir from the spray unit. NOTE: Shut vent cap (if applicable) and turn reservoir upside down when it comes off the spray unit, to avoid spilling the contents.


3. Open the rear cover of the TOUGH GUN™ TT3 Reamer. Remove the circuit board and terminal block assembly.


4. Remove the four (4) plastic caps plugging the holes in the frame. 


5. Remove the 5/16" tubing that is routed from the quick connect sittings on the motor to the right-most valve on the valve pack assembly. (Figure 1)




Adding Lubricator to Reamer





6. Thread the bulkhead adapters into the corresponding holes in the frame. Apply threadlocker to the threads and tighten to 50 ± 5 in.-lbs (Figure 2)








Adding Lubricator to Reamer



7. Thread the quick connect fitting into the back of the bulkhead fittings on the inside of the Reamer. (Figure 3)




8. Connect the 8.5" piece of tubing from the bottom quick connect fitting to the fitting on the motor. Connect the 7.5" piece of tubing from the top quick connect fitting to the port on the motor air valve (right most valve on the valve pack assembly).


9. Re-connect the terminal block assembly and the circuit board.


10. Reinstall reservoir onto spray unit

Adding Lubricator to Reamer


11. With the stainless steel hard lines loosely attatched to the lubricator, take the spacer and two M6x1x20 SHCS and align them to fit through the bracker on the lubricator. Thread the SHCS into the frame in the designated holes. (Figure 4)


12. Fill Lubricator Reservoir unit with pneumatic oil.


13. Tighten all the stainless steel hard lines and torque the M6 SHCS to 50 ± 5in.-lbs.


14. Close the rear cover to the reamer and re-connect the power and air supplies.


15. Test function and operation. Using the flow control valve on the top of the lubricator, set the drip rate of the lubricator to be 1 drop per 5-10 ream cycles.





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INS113  08/2016