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Boldly Go Beyond the Welding Productivity You Thought Was Possible

The Tregaskiss Hercules MIG Welding Gun

Hercules MIG Welding Torch

The Tregaskiss® Hercules™ Robotic MIG Gun is a key component of the Hercules system, an innovative single-arc solution that increases deposition rates by 30% or more without sacrificing weld quality or aesthetics.

Like other Tregaskiss products, the Hercules Robotic Gun is designed to maximize performance, longevity, accuracy, and ease of maintenance.

Maximized Performance

  • The system provides maximized electrical conductivity and optimized filler metal delivery to the weld puddle
  • Lightweight, durable cable jacket protects the unicable, power cable and coolant lines from wear

Long Life

  • Water-cooling module delivers superior cooling to the front-end consumables


  • Keyway system accurately aligns the neck to the mounting arm for repeatability
  • Neck checking fixture available to assess and maintain Tool Center Point (TCP)

Ease of Maintenance

  • Compatible with Tregaskiss reamers for automated spatter removal from front-end consumables
  • Automatic shut-off valves prevent water leakage during neck and cooling module replacement
  • Replacement parts are quickly and easily serviced

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What is the Hercules System?

The Hercules™ single-wire, high-deposition, automated MIG welding system significantly boosts welding productivity rates without the expense of adding more weld cells. Only the Hercules system can deliver a gain of up to 30% or more in deposition rates and up to 30% or more in productivity with no loss of weld quality — making you more productive, competitive and profitable.

Developed by Miller, Hobart and Tregaskiss, the revolutionary Hercules MIG welding system combines Miller® power source and wire-feed technology, a unique Tregaskiss® torch and a specialized Hobart® metal-cored wire. Together, they boldly go beyond the welding productivity rates you thought were possible.

Eliminate welding bottlenecks, unlock unutilized capacity

With the Hercules System, welding will no longer be the bottleneck slowing your productivity. It unlocks capacity that’s currently underutilized, all without adding more weld cells — which require additional floor space or brick and mortar. In many cases, the Hercules MIG welding system doesn’t require all-new automation allowing you to use equipment that’s currently in place.

Eliminate welding bottlenecks, unlock unutilized capacity

Improve welding throughput without risking weld quality

Compared to your current solid wire or metal-cored process, the Hercule MIG welding system can improve welding throughput 30% or more — all while delivering similar (or better) weld bead profiles, heat-affected zones and weld integrity.

Increase deposition rates by 30% or more

Get welding deposition rates that beat your current single-wire GMAW system by as much as 30% or more. Time and again, the Hercules MIG welding system delivers higher welding deposition rates than our customers thought possible — even customers who believed they were at the forefront of high-deposition welding with a “state of the art” system.

Increase deposition rates by 50% or more

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