Our Guiding Values

The Tregaskiss Team 

Customers' #1 Choice

We commit to design, build and deliver premium products and extraordinary customer support to quality-driven welding professionals around the world.

Customers choose us over competitors today for our responsiveness and flexibility, and will choose us tomorrow for our product and service innovation.

Our People are Our Strength

We attract and carefully select talented individuals who share our values. Together we will nurture and sustain a work environment with two-way communication, training, mentoring, and rewarding career opportunities.

Commitment to Excellence

Our total commitment to excellence leads us to pursue many continuous improvement initiatives and quality systems. We resist the temptation to take short cuts and we understand that excellence demands hard work and dedication.

Integrity and Trust

All of our successful relationships are built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, honest communication, and reliable follow-through. Dishonesty and inconsistency undermine both our teamwork and our company's reputation.

Creative Power of Teamwork

Our best ideas and decisions come from respecting and building on each other's unique insights and experiences. Innovation and growth come from being receptive and willing to learn from others. Arrogance, self-centered politics, and commiserating are not tolerated because they destroy teamwork.

Freedom to Innovate

We encourage our people to be creative and to take risks in the pursuit of excellence. The freedom to learn from honest mistakes stimulates personal growth, builds knowledge, and turns negative situations to positive ones. Ideas grow best in a supportive atmosphere of humor and friendliness.


Each of us willingly accepts personal responsibility for meeting our commitments. We will hold each other to a high standard of accountability. Blame and denial only hurt productivity and inhibit creative problem-solving.

Optimism and Positive Attitude

By remaining confident, focused and persistent in challenging times, we will discover opportunity. We encourage a realistic outlook, but do not accept gloom or negativity. As we win in the marketplace, we celebrate our successes – together.


We keep our team informed on a broad range of issues with frequent, regular communication. We will provide timely and relevant information to our suppliers, customers, and sales team members. We actively encourage open input and feedback from all team members on issues important to them.

Financial Responsibility

Our financial goals and performance are routinely shared with all team members, allowing us to strive together to achieve success. By reducing waste and remaining financially solid in good times and bad, we will continue our growth, protect our values, and ensure our goals and objectives are met.

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