How To Upgrade from Conventional Liners to QUICK LOAD Liners

Replace Your Liner in Less Than 1/2 the Time with the QUICK LOAD® Liner from Tregaskiss!

To convert to the QUICK LOAD Liner, update your conventional liner part number as per the chart below.

QUICK LOAD Liner Conversion Chart

Wire SizeQUICK LOAD LinerReplaces Conventional LinerDescriptionLengthI.D.
0.023″415-23-15Q415-23-15High Carbon Steel – Round Wound16.5′0.050″
0.030″415-30-6Q415-30-6High Carbon Steel – Round Wound7.5′0.062″
0.030″415-30-15Q415-30-15High Carbon Steel – Round Wound16.5′0.062″
0.035″-0.045″415-35-6Q415-35-6High Carbon Steel – Round Wound7.5′0.075″
0.035″-0.045″415-35-10Q415-35-10High Carbon Steel – Round Wound11.5′0.075″
0.035″-0.045″415-35-15Q415-35-15High Carbon Steel – Round Wound16.5′0.075″
0.035″-0.045″415-35-25Q415-35-25High Carbon Steel – Round Wound26.5′0.075″
0.045″-1/16″415-116-6Q415-116-6High Carbon Steel – Round Wound7.5′0.089″
0.045″-1/16″415-116-10Q415-116-10High Carbon Steel – Round Wound11.5′0.089″
0.045″-1/16″415-116-15Q415-116-15High Carbon Steel – Round Wound16.5′0.089″
0.045″-1/16″415-116-25Q415-116-25High Carbon Steel – Round Wound26.5′0.089″
1/16″-5/64″415-564-6Q415-564-6High Carbon Steel – Round Wound7.5′0.097″
1/16″-5/64″415-564-15Q415-564-15High Carbon Steel – Round Wound16.5′0.097″
1/16″-5/64″415-564-25Q415-564-25High Carbon Steel – Round Wound26.5′0.097″
0.078″-3/32″415-332-6Q415-332-6High Carbon Steel – Flat Wound7.5′0.125″
0.078″-3/32″415-332-15Q415-332-15High Carbon Steel – Flat Wound16.5′0.125″
0.078″-3/32″415-332-25Q415-332-25High Carbon Steel – Flat Wound26.5′0.125″

*Compatible with Tregaskiss® TOUGH GUN® Robotic and Fixed Automatic MIG Guns, Bernard® BTB Semi-Automatic MIG Guns, and Bernard TGX® Semi-Automatic MIG Guns

**Compatible with most Tweco® MIG Guns

Benefits of the QUICK LOAD Liner System:

  • Requires less than 1/2 the time and effort to replace (compared to conventional liners)
  • Liner replacement occurs through the neck of the MIG gun
  • Gun remains attached to the feeder
  • No need to cut and waste wire!
  • No need to climb up to change liners in semi-automatic guns connected to boom mounted feeders
  • Change liner from safe zone within the robotic cell during routine pauses in production

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