How To Install or Replace TOUGH ACCESS Consumables

IMPORTANT: TCP will be different from standard TOUGH LOCK® consumables.

How To Install or Replace TOUGH ACCESS Consumables

Removal and Replacement


  • Pull slip-on nozzles off with a twisting motion.
  • When installing the nozzle, ensure that it is fully seated.

Contact Tip

  • Thread the contact tip into the retaining head.
  • Torque to 30 in.-lbs. (3.5Nm).
  • The Tregaskiss Tip Tool (part #450-18, for heavy duty tips) or a pair of weld pliers are the optimal tools for contact tip installation.

Retaining Head

  • Thread retaining head onto the neck with a 5/8 inch (16 mm) wrench.
  • Torque to 80 in.-lbs. (9Nm).
  • DO NOT use pliers to remove or tighten the heavy duty retaining head or scoring may result.

Neck Insulator and Coller Detail

  • Press 59GI-2 coller detail by hand onto the crimped aluminum portion of the neck until it is 1.10 inches away from the end of the copper on the neck.
  • Thread the neck insulator onto the neck until it is flush with the copper end of the neck.