How To Install a Low-Stress Robotic (LSR+) Unicable in the TOUGH GUN™ ThruArm Series Robotic MIG Gun

  1. Ensure that the bolts clamping the feeder to the bracket on the robot are loosened.
  2. Insert the power pin on the rear of the Low-Stress Robotic (LSR+) Unicable into the feeder.
  3. Slide the feeder toward the front of the robot. This will create a necessary curve in the cable to allow for proper operation. Reminder: The robot’s top axis must be at 180 degrees during installation.
  4. Secure the feeder and validate the robotic articulation of J5. Note: The feeder should be pressed forward far enough that the centerline of the unicable should bow at its highest point and not interfere with the robotic casting / TOUGH GUN™ ThruArm™ cover. (Refer to the diagram below. G2 product depicted.)
  5. Tighten feeder bracket bolts to manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that feeder remains in the proper position when J5 articulation has been verified.

INS091 REV 09/22