How To Install an LSR Flange on an ABB Robot

Note: The following instructions are applicable for ABB® IRB1600ID, IRB1520ID, IRB2600ID and IRB1660ID robot models

  1. Secure the LSR Flange on the robot wrist with M6x1.0-25mm LG SHCS.
  2. Slide the LSR Unicable through the robot wrist and LSR Flange.
  3. Install the LSR Unicable on the TOUGH GUN™ ThruArm™ Connector.
  4. Secure the TOUGH GUN ThruArm Connector to the robot wrist.
  5. Connect the torch to the feeder.
  6. Install the neck, liner and consumables.
TOUGH GUN ThruArm flange

INS079  02/2017