How To Install an LSR+ Flange on an ABB Robot

Note: The following instructions are applicable for ABB® IRB1600ID, IRB1520ID, IRB2600ID and IRB1660ID robot models

  1. Secure the LSR+ Flange on the robot wrist with M6x1.0-25mm LG SHCS.
  2. Slide the LSR+ Unicable through the robot wrist and LSR+ Flange.
  3. Install the LSR+ Unicable on the TOUGH GUN™ ThruArm™ Connector.
  4. Secure the TOUGH GUN ThruArm Connector to the robot wrist.
  5. Connect the torch to the feeder.
  6. Install the neck, liner and consumables.
LSR flange installation showing TOUGH GUN ThruArm connector without neck and consumables

INS079  02/2017