DISCONTINUED PRODUCT — PER-2510 Air Motor for the TOUGH GARD Spatter Cleaner

June 6, 2016

Effective immediately, the PER-2510 air motor for the discontinued TOUGH GARD® spatter cleaner is no longer available through Tregaskiss.

As a result, the PER-2599 kit will no longer include the PER-2510 air motor (please see revised PER-2599 kit parts breakdown below).

This Fiam® air motor may be available directly through another vendor (list provided below):

Fiam® Air Motor Model NumberPart Number
28M100D-3/8-24UNF 185609008


  • Fiam – Worldwide Distribution
  • ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc. – Cleveland, OH, USA
  • Euroflex – Markham, ON, Canada

Revised PER-2599 Kit Parts Breakdown

PER 2599
ItemPart NumberDescriptionQtyLength
1PER-2511Motor Clamp Detail1
3PER-2611Spatter Shield Plate, Inner1
4F1-M6X1-25BM6x1x25mm LG SHCS, Black Oxide3
5F2-M4X.7-6BM4x.7x6mm LG SHCS, Black Oxide4
7TR-22315/16″ x 1/8″ NPT QC1
8ER-2700ER Reamer Pneumatic Kit1
Not ShownRed TapeElectrical Red Tape, 18mm Wide4.5″

Click here
to download the archived M075 TOUGH GARD spatter cleaner technical guide. 

Access a complete list of available and discontinued replacement parts for the TOUGH GARD spatter cleaner here.