Choose the Gun that’s right for you — No cost. No hassle.

The Bernard® BTB MIG Welding Gun and AccuLock S Consumables integrated with Miller® industrial feeders and MIG welders are appropriate for most applications. However, Bernard understands that some welding environments have unique applications that require different configurations.

Image of guns included in the gun exchange program

Note: The Bernard BTB MIG gun and AccuLock S consumables bundled with the following Miller packages are configured for ultimate system performance.

  • Suitcase® 12RC
  • ArcReach® Suitcase® 8 and 12
  • Deltaweld® Systems
  • XMT® 350 FieldPro™ Systems
  • XMT® 450 Systems
  • Continuum® Systems
  • 20 Series
  • S-74 MPa Feeders
  • Intellx® Wire Feeders
  • Intellx® Pro Swingarc®

Deviation from amperage, cable length or AccuLock S consumable set-up is not recommended because it will affect performance of these Miller and Bernard systems.

Program Details:

To make sure you get the right Bernard BTB MIG gun, we developed the Bernard Gun Exchange Program. Under this program, you can swap out the Bernard BTB MIG gun shipped with your Miller industrial MIG package for any other configurable, air-cooled Bernard BTB MIG gun.

Here’s How the Gun Exchange Program Works:

1. Before opening the gun package, determine the right gun for your application using the Bernard MIG gun configurator. Use the Bernard user guide shipped with the feeder or machine.
2. Call Customer Service to order your replacement gun (7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST)
• 1-800-946-2281 (U.S. only)
• 1-708-946-2281 (outside the U.S.)
3. Bernard will immediately ship out the replacement gun directly to you — regardless of price or configuration, for no additional cost, including shipping.
4. Within 60 days of receiving the replacement, send back the original gun in it’s unopened packaging. To return the gun, put it in the box your replacement gun arrived in, affix the included pre-paid self-addressed shipping label and send it back to Bernard.
5. The bottom line is you get what you want.


Bernard sells solely through distribution. The Bernard Gun Exchange program is an after-sale service program designed to help distributors get the configuration that their customers need in the most flexible and efficient manner possible.

The Bernard MIG gun bundled with a Miller product can be exchanged based on the following:

  • The original Bernard MIG gun is air-cooled and has a Miller power pin
  • The original Bernard MIG gun must be a standard configuration using options offered in the Bernard MIG gun configurator
  • Exchange for a water-cooled, fume extraction or automatic MIG gun will incur an additional $150 USD.