Chassis Replacement Upgrade Path

All existing TOUGH GUN™ G1 Series Conventional MIG Guns can easily be upgraded to become a TOUGH GUN CA3 MIG Gun at the time of your next unicable replacement as follows:


Time to replace the chassis on
your TOUGH GUN G1 Series
Conventional MIG Gun?

Remove your gun from the robot.
Disconnect the neck and power pin
from the chassis and set them aside.


Order a replacement chassis
using your current part number
(e.g. 513-XXX) to receive a kit that
includes the new replaceable
unicable plus the new CA3 connector.

Reinstall your neck and power pin and
your gun will now be a TOUGH GUN
CA3 MIG Gun! Reinstall the gun
to the robot using your existing
mounting arm and your TCP will
also remain unchanged.


Time to replace the unicable
on your upgraded TOUGH GUN
CA3 MIG Gun?

Order only the replaceable unicable
using one of the new part numbers
(e.g. CA3UXX) and enjoy faster
replacement time since the gun can
now remain mounted to the robot.