BTB MIG Guns | Cable Options

Cutaway of steel monocoil cable showing internal cable, trigger leads and copper
Steel Monocoil Cable
(cutaway shown)
Cutaway of Hytrel polymer (industrial grade) cable showing Hytrel inner tube, trigger leads and copper
Hytrel® Polymer Cable
(cutaway shown)

BTB semi-automatic air-cooled MIG guns are available with a choice of two gun cable options: Hytrel® polymer (industrial grade) or steel monocoil cable. The key difference between the two cables is the material of the inner tube at the center of the cable through which the gun liner, wire and shielding gas travels.

The steel monocoil cable offers extra structural integrity to the cable, giving it superior pinch resistance which helps to ensure good gas flow and wire feedability. Users in industries or welding applications that require longer gun cables that are frequently looped or stretched around corners to the point of pinching are the ones who should consider upgrading their welding guns to our specialty steel monocoil cable.

The majority of our welding gun users do not experience these issues, and enjoy long, dependable product performance with our heavy-duty Hytrel polymer cable.