Bernard Offers New Online Configurator for its Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun

BEECHER, Ill. August 19, 2014 — To allow customers to customize a Clean Air™ Fume Extraction Gun to fit their exact needs, Bernard now has an online configurator where users can choose the features that best suit their application.

The Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun has been recently redesigned to closely match the weight, handle size, durability and industrial grade performance of a regular Bernard MIG gun. This makes it lighter and smaller than many standard fume extraction guns and provides welding operators with a more comfortable and productive option for reducing weld fume and smoke.

Users can access this tool by visiting and selecting the “Clean Air Gun Online Configurator” option from the available online configurators showcased on the webpage or from the menu on the left side of the screen. They will be directed through a step-by-step process in which they choose each component such as amperage, cable length, neck, contact tip, wire size, power pin and liner. Bernard’s Centerfire™, Quik Tip™ and TOUGH LOCK™ Consumables are available as options with the Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun, as are QUICK LOAD™ Liners and new Universal Conventional Liners . All components have multiple offerings to allow users the most flexibility when customizing their Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun.

Once the customization is complete, users are given a specific part number and summary for their customized Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun. They can then either request a quote for the product or save and print the part number to share with a distributor.

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