Introducing AccuLock Consumables

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AccuLock S Consumables can transform the way you manage your MIG welding consumables — helping to optimize productivity, operating costs and welder confidence.

Determine which liner system you’re using with AccuLock Consumables —
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Product shot of AccuLock S nozzle, contact tip, gas diffuser.

Conventional Rear-Loading Liner

  • I received my Bernard® BTB MIG gun as part of a Miller® package
  • The part number on my AccuLock diffuser is D-A1-C, DS-A1-C, D-A2-C, or DS-A2-C

AccuLock S Consumables family including contact tip, nozzle, diffuser, liner and power pin

AccuLock S Dual-Locked Liner

  • I received my gun separate from a Miller package and…
  • The part number on my AccuLock diffuser is D-A1, DS-A1, D-A2, or DS-A2
  • My MIG gun did not come with AccuLock consumables and I want to learn more!