Tregaskiss Historical Timeline

How Tregaskiss became what it is today...

The Original Tregaskiss Building 


1967 — In the Beginning...
William Tregaskiss, a toolmaker from England, establishes himself as an independent sales agent for automotive welding products within Michigan, U.S.A. and Ontario, Canada.



1972 — Auto 350, The First Tregaskiss MIG Welding Gun is Introduced
Tregaskiss recognizes the need for a durable MIG gun with a simple design to address the Tregaskiss Auto 350 MIG Welding Gundemanding environment of automotive plants and introduces the Auto 350. Designed in cooperation with Ford Motor Company, its reputation as a rugged tool quickly solidifies it as the standard in the automotive industry.



1980 — T40 MIG Welding Gun Launches
The next evolution of Tregaskiss MIG Welding Guns is developed based on the continuing needs of automotive customers. The Tregaskiss T40 MIG Welding GunT40 introduces industry-first features that have become the standard on many brands today: spring strain relief, one-piece handle, spare switch leads, reversible cable, aluminum armored neck. 

1983 — Growing With Distribution
Widespread demand for Tregaskiss MIG Guns in the Great Lakes Region results in the signing of the first welding distributor to support the product line. 

1986 — ISO Certified
Tregaskiss proactively pursues ISO Certification and later achieves QS status.

1989 — Europe and the World
Distribution in international markets begins with the Tregaskiss Euro MIG Gun. Today, Tregaskiss MIG Welding Products are sold internationally via ITW Welding partners.



1992 — The TOUGH GUN™ Brand is Born
Based on the ruggedness of the Tregaskiss T40 MIG Gun, the TOUGH GUN brand is born. New industry-first features include customization, interchangeability of parts, self-insulated nozzles, direct plug-in power pins, lifetime warranty on handles and switches.

1993 — Pioneered Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Guns
Anticipating the growth of robotics in the automotive industry, Tregaskiss puts significant focus on developing a line of robotic welding guns and accessories. With emphasis on pioneering robotic air-cooled MIG guns, Tregaskiss helps to shift the industry away from water-cooled systems.

1995 — Development of Robotic Peripherals
The Birth of the TOUGH GUN Brand and Robotic PeripheralsLeveraging its experience in the precision manufacturing of robotics, Tregaskiss augments its line with robotic peripherals to offer a turnkey package which includes an automatic nozzle cleaning station, wire cutter, anti-spatter sprayer, TOUGH GARD™ Anti-Spatter Solution, precision gun mount arms and safety clutch.

1996 — The TOUGH LOCK™ Consumable Platform is Introduced
R&D efforts result in the creation of the TOUGH LOCK Consumables Platform. Through innovative design, this revolutionary system vastly outperforms older technology.



2000 — TGX™ MIG Gun Brand is Launched
Tregaskiss launches the TGX Easy As 1-2-3! Program – a flexible program allowing distributors to minimize inventory and maximize MIG gun offerings. As of November 12, 2012, Tregaskiss TGX MIG Guns have been rebranded as Bernard™ TGX MIG Guns.

2003 — Building Expansion
The Tregaskiss building located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada is expanded to 90,000 square feet and the award-winning corporate facade is completed.

2005 — Tregaskiss Named One of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies

2005 — Hurricane Katrina Relief
Employees showed their generosity by raising over $24k and filling 3 tractor trailers with donations from the local community for relief efforts.

2006 — Tregaskiss Named One of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies... Again!

2007 — The Tregaskiss Family Sells the Company to ITW Canada, Inc.
Now part of the ITW Welding group, which includes Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Hobart, and Bernard, Tregaskiss gains access to additional research and development, engineering and technical resources.

2008 — Presented with the Quantum Leap Participation Award by United Way / Centraide of Windsor-Essex County


2012 — MIG One Brand Migration
To reduce complexity for customers and increase the focus of Bernard and Tregaskiss on their core competencies, all automated MIG guns and related accessories are consolidated under the Tregaskiss brand and all hand-held MIG gun products are moved under the Bernard™ brand.

2013 — Tregaskiss is honored with the Community Partnership Award by United Way / Centraide of Windsor-Essex Country,  as it is the first time that Tregaskiss achieves 100% Employee Participation.

2014 — TOUGH GUN CA3 and TA3 Robotic MIG Guns are Launched
Improvements include a new replaceable unicable on CA3 models, a re-engineered neck clamp for increased durability, and an expanded offering of standard necks and mounting arms that increases the range of standard tool centre points (TCPs) and working envelopes.

2016 — Tregaskiss Launches the TOUGH GUN TT3E (Ethernet) Reamer
Offering the same high levels of durability, serviceability and repeatability as our analog models, the TOUGH GUN TT3E Reamer is enhanced by digital Ethernet communicationsTregaskiss 50 Years logo that better integrate this unit into the digital controls infrastructure of customer facilities

2017 — Tregaskiss Celebrates its 50th Anniversary






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