TOUGH GUN G2 Series Robotic MIG Guns

Access Hard-To-Reach Welds with Greater Accuracy and Repeatability

The TOUGH GUN™ G2 Series from Tregaskiss takes all of your favorite TOUGH GUN features and packs them into a sleek air-cooled robotic MIG gun design that maximizes durability, accuracy and repeatability.

TOUGH GUN G2 Series Robotic MIG Guns from Tregaskiss

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Improved Accuracy & Durability

  • Next generation neck alignment features maintain a more accurate and repeatable tool center point (TCP)
  • Thick-walled aluminum armored neck is highly durable and resilient in the event of a collision with other equipment

Increased Accessibility

Maintenance Made Easy

  • QUICK LOAD™ Neck System incorporates a hand-nut mechanism — No tools required for neck replacement
  • Quick-change unicables are available in 300 and 500 amps

Available Options

The Consumable Advantage